Franz Kafka, “The Metamorphosis”


  1. What is Gregor’s job situation?
  2. What is Gregor’s initial reaction to his metamorphosis into an insect?
  3. Are any details provided of the setting outside of the Samsas’ apartment?


  1. What kinds of changes do Gregor and his family undergo in this section in response to his metamorphosis?
  2. What is the significance of Gregor’s relationship with and dream for his sister Grete? Is this dream in conflict with other demands upon Gregor?
  3. Why does Gregor change his mind about having the furniture removed from his room so that he can move freely about?


  1. hWat does the after-dinner scene in the third paragraph reveal about the family’s relationship with and attitude toward Gregor?
  2. What does Gregor’s father’s uniform symbolize?
  3. Is there a connection between Gregor’s eating problems and Grete’s violin playing?
  4. What causes Gregor’s death, and how does his family react to that event?
  5. On what sort of note does the story end? and What, ultimately, is the meaning of Gregor’s metamorphosis?

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